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Retirement Card August 2016 :iconfelisy:Felisy 0 0 Sympathy Card Sister 2016 :iconfelisy:Felisy 0 0
A Bird
A Bird
By Jocelyn Dorsey
Being a bird, I flew t’wards your bright light.
But how was I to know
that you were the scorching sun,
instead of a comforting candle?
And as you told me pretty, “pragmatic” things,
I felt the wax melting from my wings.
Flames from your fire scathed my feathers.
My lingering hopes were razed by your last letter.
With one final cry, I felt my heart wither and die.
It tumbled down—for crippled wings can’t fly—
and buried itself in the ashes of our friendship.
There it wallowed as the fire grew dimmer,
and burned low.
The ashes cooled to coals.
All was freezing night.
Sometime later, the coals began to simmer,
and they warmed up to a glorious glow.
The heated embers shifted.
A red-gold wing broke free from the black coals.
You see, I’m not a simple swallow;
I don’t just die.
I am a phoenix;
I die—but then I am reborn.
:iconfelisy:Felisy 1 0
Single Tear Falling
Single Tear Falling
By Jocelyn Dorsey
A single tear falling,
streaking down her cheek.
Her shattered heart unites with the darkness.
Her watery eyes peer up at a black sky;
An invisible moon,
some sorrowful stars,
distant unfulfilled hopes and dreams,
life ripping at its seams.
But then, a star—blazing bright—
shooting, falling through the night.
A simple wish,
a whispered prayer,
as she cradles it with care.
The little light, aglow in her palms,
a gentle warmth that heals her heart.
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Curses and Candy
Curses and Candy
By Jocelyn Dorsey
The old man muttered, “Curse you. Curse me.
Curse the blood in my veins.
Curse the body steeped in pain.
Curse the soul with nothing to gain.”
He grumbled and grumped
from his old rocking chair,
killing grins with his heartless stare.
“Curse this world that’s so unfair.”
Down the sidewalk, came a little girl—
She cheerfully bopped down the street—
In her hands, she clutched a yellow box
that clinked with candy, sugary sweet.
She stopped at the house,
where the bitter man sat.
She stopped at his house.
The man couldn’t believe that.
He tried to use his glare to scare her,
but she melted it with a smile.
He tried to tell her to go away;
She said she would after a while.
She plopped down beside him,
and handed him her boxed snack.
Happily said, “Don’t eat the whole pack.”
And sighed, “I wish my teacher would come back.”
In breathless crowded words,
she rattled abo
:iconfelisy:Felisy 0 0
The Joy of Being Uniquely You :iconfelisy:Felisy 0 3
The Sea
The Sea
By Jocelyn Dorsey
Watch carefully:
The vast waters slumber and remain still.
dark clouds,
loud thunder
Great swooshing waves--
the Sea awakens, thrashing angrily.
Bright lightning blinks to tease its enraged victim.
Rain joins the fun,
pelting down
Sun cries.
"You there, leave!"
Its rays part clouds,
banishing Storm back to its own corner.
Storm--with rumbles and grumbles--slinks away,
mad it can't play.
Sea settles,
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The Rain Worms
The Rain Worms
By Jocelyn Dorsey
Picking up worms that wiggle and squirm,
dripping from the puddle where they slink.
They came out to play on this rainy day,
deep from the earthy mud on the road's brink.
Little rain boots are careful to avoid them,
not wanting to squish their friends of pink.
The wee worms will stay as long as they may
squiggle in the water where they won't shrink.
Only when the sun peaks from the clouds,
back to their dark tunneled holes they will sink.
They will be okay, hidden from the rays
of the sun that begins to shine and wink.
:iconfelisy:Felisy 0 0
Doing Nothing Is Doing Something :iconfelisy:Felisy 2 0
Time and Photographs
Time and Photographs
By Jocelyn Dorsey
A second captured, frozen still,
sealed and shackled against its will.
One click of a camera has caused
time to be stopped—-or at least paused.
A single moment printed in ink
that began as yellow, blue, black, and pink.
The white paper has slipped away,
leaving radiant colors on display.
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United States
I currently work as a nurse, and art is one of my hobbies. I enjoy various art forms such as photographs, drawing using a computer or pencil, writing poetry, and making cards.

Obviously, I love smiley faces! :D


Retirement Card August 2016
A retirement card for my mother's coworker.
The card needed to be big enough for the entire department to sign, thus it measured 12"X12"! Another coworker made an envelope for it with a cutting machine, which I was thankful for because that's something I don't have. Usually I just buy the envelopes, but I obviously couldn't in this case.

I used a stencil for the pop-up in the center of the card. The stencil came from the book Kirigami: The Art of Folding & Cutting Paper by Lawrence Arnac and Huu An Ho.
This card was made with cardstock, scrapbook paper, and Word (for the text). I cut out the shapes using a craft knife and scissors.
Sympathy Card Sister 2016
My mother requested a sympathy card for someone's sister since she could not find one in the store that she liked.

I made this with cardstock, scrapbook paper, and Word (for the text). I cut out the shapes using a craft knife.
Well, hello Deviantart!

It's been months since I've posted on DA or even looked at my account. I used to go on daily! I guess I have been busy, but here's to new summer goals!

1. Read more books.
2. Finish at least one short story.

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